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Chrysler LeBaron (12 Reviews)
This is about an '88 not a '90 LeBaron turbo. It recently indicated no to low oil pressure on the gauge but not on the warning light or dip stick. After a couple of days of no problem driving, it refused to start in an auto parts store parking lot. It has spark but no fuel pressure. A check of the pump relay doesn't show input juice. What do I check and in what sequence?
Is it possible to adapt the switching moment of the automatic gear box to allow the engine speed less.
i have a 1993 with over 200,000 miles. Everything is good except the "dome" lights don't work and the big issue - after we drive it for 40 minutes or so when it is near 80 degrees - the engine begins to cut out until it just quits. It seems to be a fuel issue but after you let it sit for about 20 minutes it starts up and is fine for awhile. I took it to the garage - didn't act up for them. any ideas?
My car is actually an 89 but the list only goes to 1990. It has over 130,000 miles on it. I bought it new. It is a convertible and I have replaced the top once. The drive train is remarkable, the ride is dependable. It has a 2.5 liter engine with a turbocharger and runs great. Uses no oil but is leaking a little tranny fluid around the axle housings. I will have the struts replaced tomorrow and it should be good for another 100,000. Great machine.
I can;t tell how fast or see the gas level because the light is out on the dish
Does anyone know, on the rear passenger side tucked near the gas tank, what is in the small metal thing connected to rubber hoses? My car has a steady drip and I am not sure what system this is. Brakes???
when i drive my car about more than 20minutes without turning my car off it just turns off on me and i try to turn it back on it kinds of chokes on me and if i leave it sitting about 2 hours or so than it turns back on, what can it be??
I really like this car, as do my friends.
I actually have a 1987 2Dr. 2.5L (4cyl.). My aunt had it until she couldn't drive anymore and few years later passed away. I've been driving it ever since. I got it in 2004 with only like 35k miles. :D Hard to believe I know. Now in 2010 and almost up to 70k miles. I take very good care of it and only a short list of issues: engine has a slight knock, headliner is starting to come undone but only a little, the headlight cover motor is broke, I've had to replace the mufflers (yes they're two mufflers), and the dome light switch for the passenger door doesn't work. Other than it goes through a little bit of oil (what can you expect she's 20 somethin years old _ respect the ladies:D); not a single other problem for a vehicle that has spent it's whole life in Michigan.. got me through high school and now almost through college. GREAT CAR!! My cousin got an 1991 with 170k miles when she was in high school and now has over 220k and all she has had to do is replace the mufflers too. GREAT CARS !!! Even if they have a ton of miles.
great once you figure out the cooling sytem the radiator for this was to small replace it with a bigger radiator and all the problems will be gone
My grandmother bought this car in 1994 and drove it until she died in 2001, now my 16 year old son drives it and loves it. Great car!
i have had this car for 3 years. only trouble i have had, which seems to be common in these, is the convertible top motor went out and i haven't been able to find a good one to replace it. The electrical is starting to have issues, but friends, it is nearly 17 years old, has 170k miles on it, and i have NEVER EVER HAD A BREAKDOWN! i love this car! so fun to drive, easy to maintain, excellent vehicle!! I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a great sporty driver!