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Chrysler Crossfire (17 Reviews)
I bought a 2005 Crossfire Limited last fall with 68K miles. White/convertible. I get more compliments on this unusual car than any vehicle I have ever owned. To get one in good shape at a reasonable price I had to buy it in Florida where the cars are more common. Car is fun to drive, comfortable and opening/closing the top is fully automatic and takes about 30 seconds. If you buy one, find a good European service center. Chrysler dealers don't know how to work on them and when they do they charge about 3 times what they should. Crossfire Forum is a great source of all kinds of help with the car.
Purchased my Scarlet 2004 Crossfire in Aug 2014 (100154 mi.) at Manheim's Auction Haus in NC after having had 2 Ford Explorers since 1996. The only problem I saw was that the headlights were foggy, but not that bad. I would like a figure out how to clean them without having to pay through the nose to get them fixed. But other than that, and the fact that the gas tank is really small, everything was great until it wasn't.

The tire sensor light never goes out, but I actually do have to air up the passenger front tire weekly. And I hear squeaking everytime I rolled over the railroad tracks. I found out that it could either be struts or the swaybar. Either way, I'm looking at having to take it in to dealer. My glove box decided it wouldn't close anymore too and I have NO idea how to keep it closed. Somehow the the AC dial broke and not its stuck on HOT and it gets really hot! and the driver side seat warmer doesn't work!!

But perhaps the worst thing about owning a car made on a Benz platform is that I can't read anything on the engine!! EVERYTHING'S IN GERMAN!! I don't know where anything goes! If I did, I'd D-I-M (do it myself). I appreciate the tip on sucking the oil out through the dip stick because I noticed it's running more like a put-put now than the vroom-vroom it was sounding like before it got cold. That cover below the engine holds water and I am skeptical about going under it. And I know that cant be good.

I really wish I could find a video on how to install the crankshaft positioner and EGR valve. That way I could use that $$ on two new front tires. They are worn more on the outside than inside. Should I have them rotated or get new ones?

I don't want to get rid of it. But I will definitely have to get a vehicle that isn't so hard on my wallet.
I bought my 2004 chrysler crossfire used at a great price, after doing a ton of research about them.

First off the handling - It handles beautifully with the low profile tires and short wheelbase. It is a bred sports car, if you can't handle a bumpy ride there is better cars out there for you but this car does what it is designed to do extremely well. I just replaced the oem brakes after 100 000 kilometers, I did the work myself and it was not any more expensive than any other car.

Exterior - Gorgeous. Mine is in blaze red, it changes quite drastically depending on the sun and the car often gets compliments from random people. The looks are subjective but I love it. On the downside though I hit a rock bending a wheel, and the dealership wanted 995$ plus freight to get in just one oem wheel. I could have gone aftermarket but I like the oem style so I found one used on ebay for 300 shipped.

Interior - Could use more work. These cars will show their age fairly quickly compared to most because a lot had some problems with the paint/dye on the center console. Not much you can do about it other than repaint or dye a lot of the plastics in the car, this is the route I'm going as I imagine a new console price wouldn't be worth it. The headliner is also known to prematurely sag due to bad glue at factory, it cost me 220$ for a shop to professionally fix that which should now last the rest of the life of the car. Also in 04-05s the seat warmers bottom part is known to go out, just something else to watch out for. On the plus side from the interior, it is very functional and pretty roomy for a two seater. At 6'3 I don't fit in any other two seaters I've drove, never mind be comfortable enough on a a few hour drive.

Engine - Powerful enough for the car. The no-start or mysteriously dying issue I've been reading about here is a somewhat well known thing on this car, it is either the crankshaft position sensor failing, or the relay control module not working. Crankshaft position sensor is a 45$ part and takes 15 minutes to change out, I can't see it costing much labour to have a shop change it out if you cant. The relay control module is again a 10-15 minute changeout, costs roughly 300 BUT if you're handy with a solder gun you can fix it yourself in 10 minutes and save yourself the money. These are really the only two quirks with the engine, its proven to be a reliable powerhouse and don't let this scare you away from the car. Both fixes could be done in under an hour if your handy or could be taken care of fairly cheaply at a shop.

Don't let some of the minor quirks of the car scare you away from buying one, I would buy another in a heartbeat as it is a unique car you don't often see and is a pleasure to drive. Just be aware of the cars faults before you buy one, this car is no civic. Best place to bring these cars to would be an independent european shop. Mercedes-benz dealerships don't want to deal with them and chrysler dealerships don't know how.
2005-The heater/AC fan control switch, when set on "2" sometimes runs at "5" and visa-versa. When I giggle it a bit it will change fan speeds and sometimes shuts off. I took it to the dealer and learned that you can't just replace the faulty switch, it's a "module" that includes several other items and are you ready for this... $790.00 WITHOUT labor. When I choked, the parts guy (being friendly) commented, welcome to the world of Crossfire. I'd like to keep it in 100% tip top shape, but the costs are driving me crazy.
I found a 2005 in S. Dakota, shipping would be $1000, so I flew up and drove it back. A lot less and I had a wonderful drive back. The only complaint I have is that the right side headlight adjustment is broken and it is about $600 to replace.
I love it........
Bought this in Texas. Love the appearance but not a good driver after moving to Colorado on snow and ice. Not happy with the no spare situation. Rear visibility terrible. Good AC but in winter, front and side windows fog up unless heat/defroster on high and rear window does the same requiring electric defroster to keep window clear. I change the oil by sucking it out through the dip stick - much easier than jacking it up and removing the under body shroud. Sound system good but has no plug for connecting to an i pod and can only load one CD. Tires are expensive and wear quickly. Developed a trany leak at 40,000 miles which required a trip to dealership in Farmington. Cruise control now failed and if it is a PCM replacement for $$$ will just forgo getting it working. Had a brief problem recently in which car would start but died 3x and makes me nervous if other PCM components may be failing besides cruise control. Will keep car until it starts having additional problems and then get a "common" car with AWD which can be repaired easily in this rural town. Unfortunately many Chrysler dealerships can't repair this "orphan" car. Wife doewsn't like inability to recline the seat much and hates the rough ride of this sports car.
ive had my crossfire since may of 2012, my fog lights keep randomly going off and i have no idea why. Ive changed my battery twcie now and it hasnt even been a year! please if anyone has had this issue give me feed back! i love the car but if its gonna keep costing a fourtune i have to get rid of it! :(
I bought my Crossfire LTD roadster last summer. It looked showroom fresh, except for the ugly marine glue the dealership used on the back window so that it wouldn't fall in. I thought it was a small problem, but nothing I could handle. The car had one owner, 65,000 miles, and was pristine. The OEM wheels had been replaced with beautiful Foose chromes, and the headlight shields, which tend to get crazed pretty quickly, had been replaced with something that looks great. I was in love. I've driven the car 3,000 miles, and I'm not so happy anymore. While turning a corner the other day, the entire vent on the driver side, the one that goes over the lights knob, fell out in my lap. The glovebox clasp fell out, so the thing hangs open. The rubber hose that connects the coolant overflow to the engine fell apart - you can only get that part from the dealer - so it's taped temporarily. I'm scared that the whole thing is going to fall apart before I can trade it. Gorgeous car, though. I'm going to miss it.
"2005" - Recently purchased "used." Was unable to adjust the right headlight, had to order the entire light assembly costing: $654. Had to go up on the dealers lift to make the change. Also ordered a replacement key costing: $179. The seat heaters for the bottom seat cushions do not heat up, (is that normal?) but the seat backs warm up nicely. Tire pressure sensor light is always on but tire pressure is perfect.
We purchased 2005 Crossfire Limited Roadster this spring. The car randomly does not start. Now it also randomly shuts down while driving. The dash board lights flash during shutdown. Car has 28,000 miles. If anyone has had these issues and found the solution please let us know, dealer cannot find the problem. Love the car but...........
Just wanted to tell Panama City who complained about the Crossfire saying, "That's why Americans have turned to foreign cars" implying that a Crossfire is American made. Well here's a big, fat duh.... The Crossfire has a Mercedes Benz engine and, therefore, is German engineered. Only about 5% of the components on the car originate in America. Get your facts straight before griping.
Overall great car. Hope my opinion stands the test of time. Engine is strong; 5 speed auto stick is fun to drive, brakes are excellent; exhaust sound is great; the normally aspriated is plenty strong enough for me -- even though I still might like to have the super charged one for even more power; AC is super cold; heat comes on quick; suspension isn't too stiff but it still handles well; steering is a little numb but it is a mercedes; and body style is awesome -- lot's of compliments and looks.
My check engine light has been on since the day I got the car. Recently it would not start, and I had to get towed. The ignition went out on the car. It is going to cost 1200 to replace. My interior liner has fallen out as well. I have had nothing but problems with the car since I got it.
The key won't turn to start. I've had it back twice they say its in the steering wheel lock and can't be repaired, "its part of the theft system". Alock smith said its a default in the steering colum makeup with the s/wheel shaft theft system. But he can't disconectt it for insurance concerns. (liability)
I have had my crossfire since it was new. It has only got 19000 miles on the car. It has been kept in a carport or garage since it was new. I have had to replace the light covers due to discoloration. The head liner is falling around the front wind shield. The car just went out of warranty,so the dealer said it would cost 900 dollars to fix the headliner. The ignition has failed to turn to start the car on many times. Tonight I was stranded in a very bad area of the city waiting on a tow truck. I took my car into the Chrysler dealership on two times while it was still under warranty and they told me they couldn;t fix a car that there is nothing wrong with. I must say that once my car starts it drives fantastic. These kind of things really take the fun out of buying a new car. This is exactly why Americans have turned to foreign cars.
have owned since new. have 64000 miles, and only problem i've had is the transmission(6 speed)sometimes jumps out of 1st gear when i'm starting out. other than that, the car has been outstanding
The Chrysler Crossfire is a nice "looking" vehicle but I've had an issues that my engine would shutdown without warning. The car would restart upwards to about 2 hours later but would shutdown again several miles later. Took it to the dealership THREE times. Only once were they able to detect the "an issue". They put in a new PCV module (or something that starts with a "P"). I thought that would solve the problem but it didn't. It's winter now so I got to wait until spring before I can try it out again. Hopefully my warranty isn't expired by then. If anyone has experienced the same issue, please pass you solution on to me. Thanks