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Chrysler Concorde (45 Reviews)
I bought my Concorde used and it was with 77,000 miles, about three years ago. I is by far the best most luxurious car I have ever owned. It is a marvelous car when it works and a dragon when its not. Current book I think, about 3500. At that, its worth more to me to play the odds and hope for the best.
In the time I have owned it the brakes leaked once and needed to re hosed. 390 dollars
The cam sensor when sour- 359 dollars and there was a vacuum leak repaired 400 dollars
Now, the transmission solenoid pack is shot and that is costing 800 dollars.
Understand its a complex ECM car, but what else is going to go wrong needing an expensive for me (I am retired) repairs.
So its a love and hate relationship. I know I could not replace it with the money I have spent in repairs, so I love it and its power and luxury. I hate all the repairs.
i got one of these for free from my mother everything about this car impressed me i jumped it on a daily basis and it n ever broke one time
I bought a 2004 Concord used in 2005. It had 28,000 miles when purchased and with light usage nearly ten years later has just 70,000. The "check engine" light was going on and off for years but this year I could not get the state inspection approved without the light being off. Then the nightmare began. The dealer reset all the internal diagnostics trying to find the source of the problem (a fuel pump emissions detector near the gas tank) and after doing so the car began to slip into "limp mode" which it had NEVER done before. Dealer said it needed a whole new transmission. I argued, they brought in a transmission specialist who gave the same verdict. As I had no plan to purchase a new car I bit the bullet for both repairs. Within two weeks the right rear of the car began vibrating. Tire not aligned? I thought so but I took it to a new shop and nothing could be detected. I've want to kee this car to at least 90,000 miles but another big repair estimate will see me moving on.
Despite what many have said about this vehicle with the 2.7 V6 It is one of the nicest cars I have ever owned. It is Maintenance sensitive to be sure. And must be fussed with. Many owners do not and do not want to. These newer cars should require less maintenance after all that is the reason for technology. Mike
This car is wonderful! People who give this car less credit than it deserves is only because they're not caring for it like they should. ALL CARS THAT ARE OLDER MODELS FROM 1998-2006 ARE GOING TO NEED SOME MINOR OR MAJOR REPAIR MAINTENANCE!!! You have to keep the right fluids in it and have it checked every few thousand miles. My Chrysler Concord-2001 runs EXCELLENT! Why?...BECAUSE I TAKE CARE OF IT. STOP BEING LAZY AND PERFORM REGULSR MAINTENANCE ON YOUR VEHICLE AS YOU SHOULD. THE MODEL OF THE CAR(ANY) IS 1998-2005/6 NOT 2007-2013. NOR IS IT A FUCKING HYBRID SO WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? THE SAME PERFORMANCE AS A 2007-2013? GET REAL. Engineering evolves which means IT GETS BETTER WITH TIME IDIOT!
I bought my Concorde new in 1998. It's very roomy, quiet, clean, and comfortable on the highway and still looks very nice! Current mileage is 115K. I have the smallish 2.7 liter V6; never-the-less, this car will cruise effortlessly at 80 mph all day! She has been garaged most of her life. When properly maintained as I have done, this car may go another 100K - who knows? I was thinking of buying a newer car but have decided to stick with this continuing-reliable 98 until she finally dies!

My only complaint is that some of the interior trim is beginning to peel from its glue drying out.
We bought our Chrysler Concorde LXI new and we have over 150M miles on it. It has been the best family car we have ever owned. Our only problem is a consistent "valve clatter" when excellerating a low speeds. We have had the throttle body cleaned, all the normal maintenance suggested, higher octane gas, etc.. Does anyone have a potential solution to fix the clattering noise?
I bought my '03 Concorde a year ago and it's been a wonderful car... until now. The Shift Solenoid and Switch valve need to be replaced to the tune of $1,200.

Keep in mind a 10 year old car WILL develop some issues. The tipping point of vehicle value & repair costs mean this car may no longer be worth PURCHASING.

The other stuff like tires, brakes is just routine maintenance and expected.
This is my third Concorde and by and by it hasn't been a bad car. Didn't start having problems until it were over 100K miles. I do mostly interstate driving and it has been the smoothest ride of the 3. In the life of the car I have changed the tranny shifting solenoid and an oxygen sensor. People say it is difficult to work on but for cab forward design I have found just about everything to be easily accessible with the removal of just a few extra nuts and bolts. Tune ups are simple and it is an easy vehicle to care for. Most recently I have had to replace the passenger side CV trans axle and bearing hub but old cars come with old car problems.
I bought my 2001 chrysler concorde 2.7 v6 in 2008. The car had 72000 miles on it. The car was in exellent condition. I allways change the oil and did the proper maintainence on the car. At 83000 miles the timing chain broke damaging the oil pump. The motor was full of sludge. I replaced the timing chains, oil pump. water pump and belts and hoses. at 92000 miles I replaced the alternater and the front belt guide wheel. Then at 98000 I had to replace the right side drag link arm on the front end. Now at less than 100000 miles the car has blown a head gasket. This car is garbage. Chrysler Products are junk. When you are thinking of buying a chrysler or Dodge product STOP THINKING,
2003 Chrysler Concorde
I love this car. Its a large luxury Sedan. But I've had nothing but ONE trouble since I bought it. and i nobody out of 6 mechanics were able to find the issue with the car. Engine light is ON.
OBD Codes show, Oxygen sensors, camshaft sensor, ignition coils, multiple misfire, etc etc.
Replaced (all 4) O2 sensors TWICE, replaced all 6 spark plugs with costliest titanium spark plugs, replaced all 6 ignition coils, It worked for a while. Engine light also off for a while. but then after a week, still same codes same problems.
Car stalls while runnings, making noise of a mis-fire.
Sometimes she doesnt start at least for 8-10 crankings.

Not sure what to do, please suggest.
At the moment the car is making noise when i turn. Its the bushing and bull joint. The car drives good until it starts popping then the transmission doesnt go outta 2nd gear. Hopefully its the bushing/bull joint thats causing the problem.
i bought a used concord limited that was in great condition besides that fact that the brakes had never been replaced. i have only had it for about six months now but i love it. there are a few things i dont like such as the trunk which has a hard time staying open even when on flat ground. the airbag light comes on even though there is nothing wrong. another thing is that after an 11 hour trip it started having trouble starting up right away but that has seemed to resolve itself. my last complaint isnt really a problem more of an annoyance, everything in the hood is either hard to find or very hard to get to, and changing a bulb in the trunk took me over 20 minutes. other than those few things i love this car and plan to keep it for a very long time.
I wonder how many of these cars (Concorde 1998-2000) were built?
Been a fine car for 7 yrs. Now the perform service light comes on regularly. Cant find anything wrong, changed the oil and filters yet the light continues to come on. Any suggestions?
Omg....I love this car but I've had nothing but trouble since I bought it. Warranty replaced the engine, the transmission, I replaced the crankshaft, and now I'm dealing with intermittant refusal to start. I've had all the recalls repaired..and new things just keep popping up. I just bought a new warranty and I hope it takes care of the latest issues. It's a great car if you can afford the repairs and keep it on the road.
Not a bad car overall.
I bought the car used,and i have had some hackers attempt to fix it,but once the right work was done,it is a classy looking car and very roomy for all our trips.I love how it looks and will continue to do whatever it takes to keep it on the road!
when it is good it is great. when it is bad it is sad.
i brought it used and it has hi miles on it but it drives great i love it
We've had our 2000 Concorde LXI for 10 years. Babied it with any repair required. Chrome it up with bling and it's a sharp looking sporty/luxury car. It's become a family member. A woman hit us the other day and damaged the front door/fender. We sit at home fretting if the insurance comapany writes it off. It's only worth $3000 but worth the world to us. Took us on many comfortable trips. We are far from ready to let it go. I'm 50 and this is one of the nicest vehicles I've owned. Make sure it's the 3.2 litre.
My mother bought a brand new 1999 Chrysler Concorde. It was really a beautiful car finished in the extra cost candy apple red pearl coat with a tan leather interior. A beautiful car indeed, but it suffered from Chrysler's infamous quality control woes. The worst was when the transmission died at 12,000 miles. Other problems were a bevy of electrical gremlins and a temperamental climate control system and rubber weather strip moldings coming unglued on the rear doors. The Chrysler rode nicely and boy was it roomy inside. The standard 2.7 Liter V6 was barely adequate for merging on freeways and the gas mileage wasn't very good. However the gas mileage did improve by 1 mile per gallon after a new transmission was installed under warranty. A beautiful car that unfortunately lacked quality control.
best car i've ever had
When I got the car I bought it used so I really didnt know much about it before.. After replacing the tires, rotors, tie rods, shifting cable that gave me hell the first winter and just the other usuals that go with wear and tear.. It's all around a good car! It's a nice smooth ride with PLENTY of space if you have kids or need it for a road trip! Mine has about 143k on it and for a v6 it gets great gas milage besides the o2 sensor that just went on it( which seems to be normal for these cars, I was thinking about switching it in for a newer car but i'd be crazy to waste money when this car is still going better than the day i bought it!! If your buying one i'd just say to check the shifting cable, the braking system (tie rods, rotor, brakes etc) and keep your eye on the SES light catch the o2 sensr before it drop out completely like mine did. I love my car and I'm sure you would too!!
My car most of the time runs great. But today it started shaking horribly when I hit the gas. If I let off its fine, but as soon as I hit the gas again it starts shaking. Not sure why yet. We've had to replace the feul pump but thats it really.
I have a 2003 concord whit 181243 miles and it rides like new i love these car i just do the regular maintained and thats it i love these car a lot of space
My Chrysler Concorde Is Having Electrical Problem ... All My Dashboard Light Stay on , My A/C Doesnt Work , My Turn Signals Lights in the front of the car does not work... i did change the light bulbs but still they dont work ... and sometime my driver side window goes out !!!!
The 2001 chrysler concorde is the worse car I have EVER owned, actually the voyager too cause I also have one of each, On the 01 concorde it has less than 64,000 miles change the oil regularly, replace the air filter so on and so forth, and 2 months later it starts having problems with the tire rods, 2 months later they completly go out, I replace them, 2 weeks later the engine just went out while I was on the highway! It has been a pc of yard furniture for 3 weeks now, with the voyager the breaks have went out twice in less than a year, the ac went out, transmission has a "small" leak, yeah right, and now its motor is going out, both cars have been maintained well and cared for the concorde was babied. I will NEVER again by a chrysler product. My first car was a Nissan Sentra 1994 and it is still running great!!!!
Purchased vehicle 2002 A/C leaked extended warranty took care of repairs. Biggest head aches are sensors (timing and crank). Did thermastat myself, wife's car and she gets regular service on it. Interior now "feeling" old age cracked door trims and now passenger int. door handle panel broke and not an easy piece to find. My mechanic doesn't like it but we love it. Wife's park-n-ride car and family trip car, great milage and roomy. Wish they kept making them. Oh this is my second Concorde, first was a 1993 loved it too.
I love my Concorde has run great since I bought it 5 yrs ago. I am now just having problems with the shifter and speed sensor. Hope it will be fixed. I love the ride and it has been very reliable otherwise. I live where it is -45 and only 2 days where she needed a boost. I would buy another one.