Q: check engine vsc light on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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check engine vehicle skid control dash light
came on--now have 31,000 miles
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The check engine light could be something wrong or just the annoying light that comes on every so-many miles. The way to check to see which one it is --shut van off with keys still in it,,push and hold trip button while turning the key to the position just BEFORE where the car will crank,,,then you will see all the lights come on and on the mileage/trip area you should see a series of dashes flashing and then the dashes will reduce down to none,,,, and your done.back to off position and start car normally--no more check engine!! If it comes back on within a day then you may have something wrong,,the vehicle skid comes on when vans tires spin too fast I think--not related.
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We offer FREE check engine light scans, please feel free to come in and let us scan your check engine light for free. The skid control and check engine light is more than likely 1 item causing both issues.
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