Q: Check Engine Light Stays on since purchase of 02 kia sedona with 89,000 mileage. on 2002 Kia Sedona

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Now engine is sputtering and recently began knocking lioke metal clinking in engine when started and now that knocking began ----lasting longr after warming up....mechanic I called said check engine oil level...when I did black tarry gunk was at tip of stick...looked like no oil above that....But no oil light ever came on and seller said oil had just been cchanged!
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FIRST- oil light is for PRESSURE NOT VOLUME. A motor can have one quart of oil in it and still have great oil pressure at idle. Second, seller said it was just changed , did you or somebody with you verify this visually? Did you top-off oil after discovering it was low , to see if this helped the knocking noise? Last- how many miles have you driven it under these conditions? Check engine light is probably on due to a valve control problem related to the low/sludged oil.