Q: car would not crank, as if battery was dead. Push start, keys were in my pocket on 2011 Kia Sorento

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Car is a push start, keys were in my pocket. I pushed the button to start....nothing, tried again....nothing. I wiggled the gear shift, wouldnt move. I got out, closed the door, the car beeped as if the keys were in and it was running. I got back in,the dashboard lights were on, and the message "key out". This is what happens if I get out with the keys when its running, remember, it wouldnt start, was not running. I got back in, repeated the entire process with the same results. Would not start. Got out, and again, beeping. Got back in, same thing, dash lights on, "key out" light on. This time the gear shift would move into reverse, drive and so on. I put it in neutral, pushed the button....started up. Realised at this point, the clock was set back to 12 and the odomotor was at 0. There had been no power at all, like the battery was dead. But why the beeping? It was as if the car thought it was running? Why did it eventually start if the battery is dead? That was this morning, started good the rest of the day. I have only had the car a month. First issue I have had.
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