Q: car feels like it wants to stall after coming to a stop. on 2011 Nissan Versa

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after reducing speed from highway to a stop car feels like it sputters and wants to cut off shimmies a lil recacthes and seems fine.
(2) Answers
If you don'like the first answer 'bout this?.............check your paperwork , unless you got the car as a gift or free(even then) or if youve wrecked or otherwise already modified it (which would more than likely void the warranty , at least in areas concerning the mods.) Or if you have put a zillion miles on it (past any mileage exclusions) YOU'RE UNDER WARRANTY.>>>see answer #1<<<<< OR OR OR if you have a nice dealer and there is a service bulletin involving your issue (and a tech willing to spend the needed time to diagnose/confirm the issue) it could also be done at reduced /free rate ...SEE answer #1 if you don't like answer #2.
Your car should still be under factory warrantee. Contact Make sure you have all the info, make,model,vin#,date sold. If this is no help, contact your nearest auto repair shop for free quote. Goodluck
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