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Q: Can anyone help me with this mystery?starts & runs for a few secs,then shutsdown on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2000 Pontiac grand Prix GT v6 3.8L. It has ran great since I first bought it used about 4 yrs ago or so. Now just the other day it starts great & runs for a few secs but then shuts down. Now I've tried asking before but have been unable to find exactly what it is. I was given suggestions all of which I have taken. Here's what I've done so far:
I have checked & changed the fuses & relays- NOTE* fuel pump fuse was blown #32 (15) so it got changed- no effect*
Fuel pump was checked & is working as far as hearing it turn on & off with the ignition turned to the on switch by not fully turning the ignition over.
I have removed & cleaned the MAF sensor NOTE* ow the car when started has extreme power, so much so the car literally thrusts itself forward in park when started but, still shuts down after a few secs. I have never felt this kind of power come form my car by just turning it on before. Ive had this car a log while now. Cleaning it definitely made an impact only that it is more powerful but not fixing it from shutting off.
so far my next thought is to check the MAP sensor in the morning but after that- m out of options... Can anyone please help me. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions- anything???
Taking it in is simply not an option right now as I cannot get it started long enough to go anywhere in it. Been stuck out here a couple days now- if anyone can help me out Id really appreciate it. Thank u- God bless!
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Two things; You said the fuel pump fuse was blown, that is a sign of the fuel pump failing. The next thought is the anti theft system issue. Does the security light flash or stay on during this.
Security light flashes & has been for about a week or more now which is different then previously but my little rubber alarm on/off button fell out & I have not been able to activate my security alarm since. Yes, when I checked the fuses the fuel pump fuse was blown which is what puzzles me greatly- the fuel pump is coming on & off & I have had 3 separate ppl hear it other then me. I will say though, it sure feels like a fuel pump stalling out my car but this usually has episodes of stalling & this just literally went down too fast for me to feel comfortable with that. Is it possible that the fuel pump could actually come on & off but yet not work properly & could really be behind this problem, all without any warning???
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whats a passlock system? Does this have to do with the security light? could you tell me more about it & how to fix it or atleast check to see if this is infact what it is?
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The chip in your key and/or the instrument cluster it is the anti theft feature so someone else can't steal your vehicle. But now it does not recognize your key.
if it doesnt recognize it then why would it allow it to start or open my doors or lock them? any ideas on hoow to confirm that it is this passlock key problem?

I was reading up about that passlock key thing & saw something about bypassing it by putting my ignition in ACC for 20-30 mins.
So I went out there to try this & I started it to see if maybe by some miracle it would say-hey Im cool now-yeah but no! now it is not wanting to start at all. Its like a dying old man- run, ruun, ruuun. what do u think?? still passlock key or fuel pump or something else?
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Because I have been a Technician for over 3 decades and have seen these situations for many years now. If you have a scan tool, which it sounds like you don't, it could be verified real quickly. But since you don't I am trying to tell you. Now the key has a chip on it that only comes into play when trying to start the vehicle, it doesn't use the chip for any other reason. It will lock and unlock the doors without having to read the key. The symptoms of starting for a few seconds then dye out is the symptom of how the passlock works. There is something in the system for some reason is not recognizing your key or the chip in your key. Do you have internet at the place you are at?
yes, Im using the internet to actually try & research everything yr telling me while at the same time actually trying the suggestions to find out first where the problems at, then second maybe getting it to start long enoug to get it somewhere I can get it help.
I added a message to my last reply where now it doesnt want to start at all. so Im really feeling frustrated, & starting to feel hopeless. dont have alot of help here- sort of stuck ut here...
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OK go to youtube videos and search 'passlock'. There are several videos on the subject, which you can see what others have done. You might not be able to do the things they can do, but it will give a better understanding on the matter.
thx so much for all yr help I really do apprecite u taking yr time out to help me out man. God bless u- pray for me plz. I could really use it right now. take care. if I have any other questions or concerns Ill try & post em so if u want- or have any more advice, Id surely appreciate it!
Thx! God bless.
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Hey I researched about the security passkey problem & I can see how this was adding up. The security light flashing which started about a week ago etc. So I followed the suggestions to reset my key to be recognized & it did work. The security light is now gone. However, now when went to atually turn the car over the starter began clickn & wouldnt turn over to start the car. Nw its really cold out whee Im at from 0-20 degrees out which 20 is right now its highest. someone said maybe it froze up cuz when they tried to tap it it still wouldnt budge. Another thing I noticed was that after resetting the key- the fuel gauge needle jumped way up as if the tan was full. I have never seen the fue gauge needle act that way. Anything sounding familiar? Do u think I could have burned out the starter tryn to fix it?
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It sounds like the battery is the issue. Can you jump or charge the battery, in very cold weather, you have been trying many things and the battery has been discharged, it probably needs a boost.
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The solenoid will click to engage the flywheel, but not enough amps to turn the starter motor. Going next door to work on a BMW Z3 window, will monitor thread.
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check this out! so we charged up the battery, took it outside hooked it up & by God, this ole things actually started up & stayed on longer then it has in days! However, she did end up stalling & sounds really choppy now. I am able to restart it & keep it on with the help of acceleration on the gas. This is definitely closer then I've been since it started but I am scared to drive it just yet. It is still stalling just not like the 3 sec shut off thing. Do u think me cleaning the MAF sensor could have actually caused it problems because it didn't sound this choppy before or during the time it started having problems. what can I do to clan this choppy rugged sound up?
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It sounds as if your car is running rich, could have been cleaning the MAF which is now reading differently. Try to unplug the MAF, leave it unplugged and see if it tries to clear up.
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I dont know who u r mister, an angel sent by God or what?? but after unplugging the MAF it was choppy for a few secs but it didnt stall & so I let it run to see what it would do if it would end up stalling & it actually rev'd up a bit like to the 2 & straight cleared up. She is actually running smooth again- NO STALLING so far, No choppy nothing but I still have the MAF sensor unplugged? What now??? I have to have the MAF sensor plugged to drive it right? I mean what will that do?
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It will need to be replaced, it has been ruined from the cleaning I guess. I not sure how well it will drive, or how far you are from town, but it will probably run better without it then with it plugged in at this point. All I ask is if you would leave me a good review after this. Click on my name ProfessorG, and then click on my shop information to be directed to another page, then click on write a review for me, and I thank you for asking your question, and that I could help.
No problem. Man Im not sure where yr located either- but Not only will I be paying to have this car fixed once my taxes or school check comes through but Im probably gettin a new car too so Ill need maintenance on & I would love yr contact info for future maintenance if yr close enough by. I really need to get about 10 miles or so. Do u think I would make it safely make it across Columbus, Ohio- the distance from one side of town o the other?
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I think you will, just take it easy; My business info will show you where I am located, but it's a long way from you. Thanks again.
Man even thought it cleared up there for a minute, when I went out there to start it to see if I could get it to Autozone to verify it with the diagnostic codes it ran so bad & choppy & actually stalled. SO I got out & actually plugged the MAF back up. It cleared up a bit but not safe enough to even drive it. How depressing...
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You might take the battery cable off for 30 seconds to see if something might clear and try the same thing again, hope it's not the fuel pump issue showing it's face.
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I am so sorry, I got stuck across town for a while just now gettn back. I will surely give u that review. Again I am very sorry u are a great deal of help & have been, plz forgive my timeliness. So check this out update: I finally was able to change the MAF sensor & it starts up & actually runs smooth without stalling. BUT when I even touch the gas it dies. I started it up tried revving it up a while to maybe give it a chance to blow out some crap, being it sat for about a week & then restarted it & again it runs smooth at about a 1 (normal)until I try giving it gas & then it dies. My check engine light is on now too, not blinking- steadily on. So what Im doing now is unhooked my battery completely both terminals & am going to let it set for a while cuz If Im not mistaken this MAF sensor is new to the car so Ima try re-programming the security feature again- (security light blinking again)unless... U have any other ideas??? Meanwhile, Ima write that review. Thx a million! Hope yr not mad...
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I'm not mad at all and I thank you for that great review. About the car, sometimes it won't clear from the computer just by taking the cables loose, and sometimes it does. Usually you have to clear it with a scan tool, and if it doesn't clear, it doesn't know tha MAF has been changed and look for new information. It can be a vacuum leak somewhere causing the smother when pushing the pedal. Make sure the intake hose from the breather to the throttle is not loose or not sealed well and no air is getting to the engine except through the MAF. Good luck and you know I'm close. Lol
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