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Question Asked: 2000PGP-GT V63.8L Losing power at30-35mph-kicks in & out like its not gettn fuel
March 04, 2014, 10:41 AM
It started yesterday- I noticed first when I started the car sort of a high pitched running sound that is unusual for my car- had my car about 4-5yrs now. Very high pitch consistent sound. It starts & runs great though! No check engine light or any other indicator that anything is wrong or in need. I was driving home with my lil girl when out of nowhere my car starts to lose a significant amount of power when accelerating around & past 30-35mph. Then will clear up for a minute & then do it again. I mean it lost so much power I barely got up a little hill driving. I also noticed once I pulled over into a parking lot that there was a subtle burning smell so i checked my fluid- well filled the water & later put in training fluid thinking it was my transmission. Im not so sure it is the training considering this feels like almost like its being temporarily clogged like the car is not consistently getting enough fuel & I also noticed if I stay at 30 or below it doesn't do it at all- at least not yet! Can anyone please help me? Im all I got & my daughter & I really need transportation. I feel like at this time this may be fixable. Thank you. God bless!
Question Asked: Can anyone help me with this mystery?starts & runs for a few secs,then shutsdown
January 17, 2014, 06:34 PM
I have a 2000 Pontiac grand Prix GT v6 3.8L. It has ran great since I first bought it used about 4 yrs ago or so. Now just the other day it starts great & runs for a few secs but then shuts down. Now I've tried asking before but have been unable to find exactly what it is. I was given suggestions all of which I have taken. Here's what I've done so far: I have checked & changed the fuses & relays- NOTE* fuel pump fuse was blown #32 (15) so it got changed- no effect* Fuel pump was checked & is working as far as hearing it turn on & off with the ignition turned to the on switch by not fully turning the ignition over. I have removed & cleaned the MAF sensor NOTE* ow the car when started has extreme power, so much so the car literally thrusts itself forward in park when started but, still shuts down after a few secs. I have never felt this kind of power come form my car by just turning it on before. Ive had this car a log while now. Cleaning it definitely made an impact only that it is more powerful but not fixing it from shutting off. so far my next thought is to check the MAP sensor in the morning but after that- m out of options... Can anyone please help me. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions- anything??? Taking it in is simply not an option right now as I cannot get it started long enough to go anywhere in it. Been stuck out here a couple days now- if anyone can help me out Id really appreciate it. Thank u- God bless!
Question Asked: Where is the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor located in my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt?
January 16, 2014, 12:21 PM
V6 3.8L 2DR Coupe My car suddenly began having problems. It starts fine & stays on for a few seconds then suddenly just stops sort of like a loss of fuel but without all the putting. Like a drainage of some sort. I can hear the fuel pump working so I assume it could be a relay or sensor. I cannot find where the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is even located?? could you help me? any advice would be greatly appreciated. again, I am guessing here. Pure speculation but I still need to know where its at though. Thank you. God bless!
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