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Q: Can a throttle plate move by itself, and then move back? on 2003 Ford Taurus

I recently had a check engine lite come on. I took it to my local mechanic (whose honesty I have begun to question) he tried to tell me that the cause for the light was that my throttle plate had moved out of position, and it would require $650 in repairs. I decided not to fix it. The light went off by itslef, and has not come on again for 3 months. I decided to not make the repairs, because even though I am not a mechanic, it seem s that a "plate" would be anchored with screws or epoxy or some such method, and it didnt make sense. Can anyone comment on this?
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Even if was problem with tps- only $25 dollar part and very simple replacement so no $650. If your correct about that code number too would have nothing to do with this issue. If light is off now no worries anyway. If comes on again have free check/diagnostic at your local autozone before going any further.
Possibly getting stuck but not moving on it's own. When light was on did they give you code number? Not much to worry about now with light staying off but I'd check for a possible vacuum leak near throttle body or anywhere on intake manifold. I'd surely stay clear of this shop!
From memory, I think the code was 1655. What is the reason to say I would surely stay clear of this shop?
Well $650 repair for throttle plate moving- just doesn't make sense. If your code was p1655 this also has nothing to do with throttle. Evaporative emissions problem. Specifically your purge valve solenoid. This unit pulls gas vapors out of tank as they evaporate. reburns vapors- makes vehicle more fuel efficient and just burns vapors so cleaner emissions. I'd inspect hoses around solenoid- maybe small crack in hose nearby. If part needs replacement- around 70 bucks at your local autoparts store. You can easily repair hose or replace part yourself.
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