Q: Brakes make a squeling noise, was told brake pads still have over 50% life left on 1996 Volvo 850

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I was told they needed to take off the calipers, grind the pads? and put it all back together. No parts was needed, just labor.
Please tell me what this service would cost and I am looking for a repair shop close to my home in San Mateo. Thanks for your help.
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You're looking at almost an hour of labor. Between $110-120 depending on where you go. Could be the pads that were chosen. Stay with OE when possible, they will be very quiet but cost far more than aftermarket.
I agree with Journeyman, no more than 1 hour for this repair. Grind the pads dosn't sound correct, maybe they are replacing your brake pads??? Or maybe they are re-surfacing the brake rotors, either way it's about 1 hour in labor. $120.00 tops.
take care.
Like Hal says, use Volvo pads. They will cost a bit more, but not more than using aftermarket pads and paying them to do the labor two times.
Ask them to clean all the pad contact spots, caliper slide pins and lube all of it with high temp silicone grease. Make sure the anti rattle springs are installed and in good condition as well.
Good Luck
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There should be no reason to grind the pads this is usually a sign of aftermarket pads that are to hard in composition. It sounds like the pads should be replaced with a better quality pads and have the rotors checked for glazing and thickness and adress the prime concern. The cost of brake pads for factory repairs is 350.00...
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