Brake Noise – Front Grunting / Grinding on Ford Flex

Defective anchor brackets for the front calipers can cause abnormal brake rotor and pad wear concurrently. Noise can be heard while braking, a grunting or grinding from the front. The caliper anchor brackets should be replaced with revised parts, and also replace the rotors and brake pads.

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Average mileage: 47,801 (3,000–135,000)
5 model years affected: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, more2013
49 people reported this problem
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2010 Ford Flex 24,000 mi,
Front grinding noise. was told this is normal for this vehicle. Now I get severe steering wheel vibration when I apply the brakes Have 53000 miles on Flex now.
2009 Ford Flex 33,000 mi,
Front brakes sound like metal on metal when I need t brake hard. Dealer inspected brakes 3 different times and says things look good. It's not good as, each time they have said it is due to the humidity in South Texas. That is BS! Ford needs to step up and fix the problem. My Flex has been documented 3 different times over the life of the vehicle and it now has 57300 miles.
2011 Ford Flex 87,432 mi,
2012 Ford Flex 38,000 mi,
I love my Flex, but I cannot drive it down a steep grade without a grinding/squealing sound that I find completely frightening. First dealer said it was due to glazing, eventually they replaced brakes but it still happens. I don't feel like I can slow down as much as necessary when coming down the Grapevine. I wish I could just buy new sturdier brakes. First noticed right after purchase and has continued.
2010 Ford Flex 55,000 mi,
Pulsating breaks issue started at around 45K. After replacing tires pulsating went away, couple months later started noticing burning smell after long drives, break pads appeared worn out therefore got replaced. Couple more months later, got stranded 1hr away from home with car full of kids and home pets, saved by a stranger who took us to the nearby dealer to take care of the SMOKING LR wheel. Reason - LR outboard pad siezed in caliper, warped rotors. Dealer resurfaced rotor, cross send rear break pads, reassembled and lubed slides. Fix worked for about 12 months. Then RR wheel started to smell, replaced rotors and pins. 1 months later LR wheel burning smell AGAIN! Took it in again, now need to replace both calipers. No thank you. Seems like it should be recalled. But I don't care anymore, because I'm getting rid of the car.
Brakes locking....feels like the calipers are sticking and not releasing the pads...high pitched whistling that starts before the pads stick. This stops when I push the brake pedal. The rims are extremely hot after driving. Second trip to the dealer..
2009 Ford Flex 20,000 mi,
Ongoing issue, TSB and service with replacement caliper parts done to REAR axle, but dealer says front brakes are fine.
2011 Ford Flex 61,000 mi,
still have the grinding noise
I really notice this when leaving a parking garage and going around a downsloped corner.
I have had my flex for only 2 years and have been taken this in to the dealership for the whole time. They have replaced calibers, rotors, and pads on front left, and both rear wheels. The noise still persist. I have gotten to the point where I have asked Ford to take this vehicle back and I am working on returning or getting something new. The dealership cannot seem to find the issue and they continue to troubleshoot without success. The Service department has the same idea I did as far as turning it in. Any ideas would be helpful as I really like my Flex and hate to get rid of it because of something like this.
2010 Ford Flex 82,000 mi,
Dealer said Ford is aware of the problem and that it is doing no harm. They say new brakes won't
2011 Ford Flex 68,000 mi,
Going down grades, grinding noise from the front of the car and a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel. Dealership said we need to downshift using the downshift button on the transmission control lever. That helps just a little. Dealer replaced rotors and pad at our expense. A year later, same grinding is occurring. Had the rotors turned once again in Oct 2015. Now (April 2015) grinding sound has returned. Dealership refuses to believe there is a problem and suggests driving style is the cause.
2012 Ford Flex 63,000 mi,
Grinding noise when braking
2010 Ford Flex 80,000 mi,
Have had to completely replace my brakes three times now every time I go they tell me my rotors are trashed and I need brand-new ones. The problem started around 40,000 miles with the front brakes. December I completely replace the back brakes. I go back this month two months later and now they say my rotors are so tore up I have to replace them on the front again this is getting ridiculous.
2013 Ford Flex 43,000 mi,
This sounds exactly like what I have. At any speed, I can hear a grunting grinding noise when applying the brake. It sounds like it's coming from the front end. Does any one know if there is a service bulletin? Failing that, does anyone know of the part number for the revised bracket? Looks like a pretty simple job - bracket rotors and pads. I'd like to do it myself.
2012 Ford Flex 37,000 mi,
brakes are making scraping sound.
2011 Ford Flex 95,000 mi,
Grinding at slow speed when braking....Rotor and pads have changed changed 3 times at 25,000 and 60,000 by the Ford dealer.
2009 Ford Flex 10,000 mi,
Replaced by ford under warrantary
2010 Ford Flex 61,000 mi,
I have a grinding noise when I apply my brakes. It has the metal on metal sound that have heard on other cars if the rotors are being scraped. I have a 2010 Eco Boost 6 cylinder that I bought 2 months ago. I took it to my ford dealer and was told that "rust" builds up on the brake pads during damp cold nights or hot days and once the rust is worn off it will not do it. It is true it only happens after the car has set over-night but the rust story did not strike me as true so I came online to see if anyone else had this problem.
2012 Ford Flex 54,000 mi,
Front grinding noise. Have gone to mechanic multiple times. Can't find issue. Have replaced breaks, pads, rotors and less then year later replaced again! Then couple months after my right rear caliber stuck and destroyed rotor, had to replace. So over the breaking issues with this vehicle! Why won't Ford fix problem. Disheartened to see so many others with this issue... Wishing I never bought it and may be time for a new vehicle.