Q: blown radiator, over heating probs.
on 1996 Acura TL

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i replaced the water pump on this thing, then replaced the radiator because it blew as well. all was good until the top heater core hose blew. fixd that then the bottom hose on the heater core blew, fixd that so now i have just about all new components in my cooling system.
today the radiator blew its top, literally, it blew so bad that there is a crack all the way across the top of it.
why is this happening? it has been overheating during this process.
the car din not over heat at all and was running great until the radiator cracked open.

thank you
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I called one of the preferred mechanics here where im from and they told me that if i keep blowing hoses and the radiator more than likely its a head gasket, is that true?
That's what i think! The combustion leak test will tell the tale! That's it's primary purpose.
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