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Q: Battery has died twice. Was told I drive too many short trips on 2012 Honda CR-V

I know there is a lot of electrical uses in this car, but the charging system is poorly designed if I need to drive 45 minutes to charge it. I am retired and try not to drive for all kinds of reasons. Any one else have this problem?
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How many days at a time does the CR-V sit without running? ANY modern vehicle has numerous electrical controls/computers that even when the car is 'off' , they still draw a 'parasitic' amount of electricity. Your battery can only store so many parasites...........When the Idea for cars was still in it's early stages , the idea was that they would be designed for driving and just like with humans they need to exercise in order to stay in shape. A 'trickle' charger might be useful in your situation , if you only go out once a week on average.I work at a honda dealer , while I don't agree with your comment about the charging system , I do think the batteries they use are rather wimpy for all the electronic crap they put in these things.Good luck and I hope you enjoy your CR-V anyway!!
I had brought the car to the dealer Nov 7th for a dead battery...nothing conclusive showed on the tests. Nov 13 Honda communicated with dealerships about dead battery problems in the CRV and Civics. A software issue. Yesterday new software was installed that should take care of the problem. Thanks for your reply.
THANK YOU for your response!!! I'm so used to the Odyssey problems I missed the bulletin about the CR-Vs- came out Nov. 13th. Also saw that they reduced the allowable draw to '29.9mA' , instead of the ussual 50mA. Thanks again , for replying.......I still wish they'd use better batteries!
The bottom line is you have what is called a PARASTIC DRAW on your battery. Did the honda dealer tell you this CRAP. I ask this because you are still under the bumper to bumper warranty. If the dealer will not test for a PARASTIC DRAW then go to a shop that knows what a PARASTIC DRAW is and find out why your battery goes down. When you find the problem then go to the dealer to demand that you are reimbursed for the diag and fix the dam vehicle!
Sorry to disappoint you , but we perform draw tests all the time , and do replace plenty of batteries under warranty.PARASITIC DRAW is normal. UP TO 500mA (.5Amp). Maybe they will reply and give a little more detail?? Wouldn't it be nice if , on new cars , when you turned them 'off' , they were really 'off'?? The new Odysseys take almost 20 minutes for all the different control modules to go to 'sleep' , before that , they draw more than 2amps on average............haaaaaaaaaaappy new year??
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Dealer replaced defective battery. Most recent they implemented the November Honda bulletin even though my car tested at 19.5 ma, just below the threshold of 19.9 ma. No problems since.
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