Q: Are Toyota Sienna disc back brakes as easy to change as Toyota Corolla brakes? on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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I am a backyard mechanic and have changed the pads/rotors on many Corolla/Prizm/Vibe cars. I have never done back brakes, however. Our Sienna disc back brakes are grinding and I was wondering if there is anything different about the back brakes. I owned a Fiero and there was a special tool needed to change them mainly because of the E-brake.

Any tips?
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Did it this morning. All was the same, but inside the brake disk is a set of brake shoes that are the e-brake system. The pads looked pretty thin, but all was in good shape.

I have never seen Disk brakes/drum brake combination before. Quite creative. Anyone know if the brake shoes ever need replacing?