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Q: any mechanics here know anything about jeep front axle repair
on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

anyone at this site know anything about repairing a 4x4 front axle ?
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Yes, I checked the lube in one once..... That count?...... Why don't you tell us what kind of problems you're having with it....... Be specific!
trouble with front axle growling- replaced hubs, no help.
local dealer want to install new front axle-
I know it can be repaired.
Without being able to 'hear' this noise, we can only guess at what it may be!!... If I had it at the shop I would hoist it, engage the 4x4 and listen at various places on the front diff with a stethoscope to try and locate the noise..... Then dissemble the front axle to find the problem!.. It is impossible for ANYONE to tell you exactly what is wrong with your Jeeps differential!!! .. Yes, anything can be repaired!... However just having the front axle is "growling" is not much to go on!!!!!... It is simply too many possibilities!!
I understand what you are saying & thank you for the reply.

I'll have to try to find someone here in "Dogpatch, South Carolina" that knows what they are doing,
Sad part is I have tried most all of the mechanics in the area and have been scorched by all of them
BUT, that's my problem.
thanks again.
Glad you're persistent! Even though you didn't reply to you're 'goodbye' post , along with pushrod' reply , my questions still stand. What would help in part of the diagnosis ANY issue not just front ends) , would be the specific conditions the noise occurs under. Is it only (or worse) under acceleration , deceleration , worse or less on turns , more exaggerated at SPECIFIC speeds ,ETC. ANY answers to those conditions will help narrow down suspect area , before it's up on the lift , which most likely as pushrod said , be the ultimate point of discovery.Good luck. ....Final thought.... It's not only at low(under10MPH) speeds on turns , is it?
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