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Q: altenator not charging, changed altenators twice and still not charging.??? on 2000 Nissan Altima

fuses good,battery good, terminals clean.
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Use multimeter to check battery power while car is turned off. Then, touch black to black on battery and red to power lead on alternator. This reading should be same as the battery as this wire is continuous flow and always hot. If this reads 0 then the wire is loose from the battery or the charging system fusible link in burnt out and needs replaced. Here it is:
How 'bout this one:
2001 Altima GLE, alternator was replaced with a new one, then the the battery was hooked up backwards.
They even admitted it.
Now, no electronic (switched) components work. No gauges, sunroof, windows, seats, wipers, signals, blower, radio, mirrors, not even interior lights or horn.
And when put into drive, the car stays in 2nd gear -- no 1st, 3rd or OD. Reverse is fine.
It's like it's in "limp home" mode -- like a computer that goes into "safe mode".
Headlights, brake lights, starter and ignition work -- and it starts right up -- but doesn't charge.
Solid battery and connections. But zero current at the big red wire at the alternator -- and zero current at both wires in the small connector that plugs into the alternator.
Is it likely a fried fusible link from the alternator to the battery? (I suspect this, because this big red wire should, at least, show battery voltage.)
Or/and, because there is also no current at the small, 2-wire, connector at the alternator -- is there a deeper problem?
Decent car, runs, steers and brakes well. Nice road manners. Perfect leather interior. Would make a nice daily driver if the electronics issue can be corrected.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated -- as I'm trying to avoid a "hit and miss" approach by chasing a wild goose.
Best regards,
Yes, the fusible link could have fried and need to be replaced. The main relay could have also been fried when hooked up backwards. The shop that caused this issue should be liable for these repairs as they caused the problem. The obvious thing to accomplish first, is getting the power from the alternator to the battery. Find the break in the lead from alt. to battery. Fusible links are usually located near or attached to the side of the main fuse box or the battery itself. You are correct, the red wire should show battery voltage near the alt. when vehicle is not running.
if the alternator is new, maybe your battery not holding charge make sure to check that or your alternator still defective get that as well tested.
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