Q: ABS, BRAKE & 4x4 lights illuminated. what is the cause and how much to repair? on 2007 BMW X3

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ABS, BRAKE & 4x4 lights illuminated at 64,000 mi. dealer says transfer case needs replacement and quoting over $2,800. i see the part online for appx $1,000. if labor is $150/hr, how does the remaining $1,800 add up to 12 hours labor or is the part truly more expensive?
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It happened to my BMW 2006 x3. The problem is the car is trying to put it's self in 4wheel drive via the transfer case you do not need to replace the transfer case just the motor that turns the transfer case off and on. What i did is just disconnected the power and sensor plug that is located on the just above the transfer can, the lights on the dash board still stay on and you won't able to use all wheel drive until the transfer case motor is fixed. So if your like me and never have a need for 4 wheel drive disconnect those plugs. you can go to eBay and type in x3transfer case motor they are about 330.00 but if you mail the guy back your broken one he gives 100.00 back easy fix no need to bring to dealership
I have similar issue now and it went away for a few days. Now suddenly all lights are illuminated again.
Sounds like you have 2 different issues. One related to abs & brake. Second the 4x4 indicator. Maybe you can provide more Info like what was facilities findings?
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