Q: 2.7l engine oil light flickers on 2001 Chrysler Concorde

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oil light flickers only at stop/idle. have replaced the oil pressure sending unit at dealership, also replaced cam position censor at dealership since they said i had p1391 code. oil light still flickers at stop/idle, not low on oil, water pump already replaced, tired of spending money and throwing parts at this car. PLEASE HELP
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If the dealership replaced the part, take your vehicle back to the dealership. They are obligated to fix your concern if it was not corrected the first time without charge unless additional parts are needed.
When I took it back the 1st time they thre a new code at me and I had to replace the cam position sensor. I am worried that they will just have me keep replacing parts when I see so much negative info on the 2.7 engine. How can I determine if the engine is going bad and therefore move on to another vehicle before this one dies?
PLEASE HELP - about out of money