Q: 2010 Toyota Sienna Engine starts but stalls and does not idle on 2010 Toyota Sienna

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I have a 2010 Toyota Sienna 3.5 V6. The engine starts every time, but stalls after a couple of seconds and does not idle.

I have checked the mass air flow sensor and it seems to have the right resistant between the THA and E2 pins, however, when battery voltage applied between pin1 and E2G, the voltage between VG and E2G did not see to fluctuate; my volt meter's lowest setting is 2V, how low is the voltage output?

also checked all fuses and relays and the cams and crank position sensors also but there was no defects.

Is there an idle sensor on this vehicle or could it be the air flow metering sensor?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
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I bought this vehicle as a reparable salvage, so I would think that if the MAF is malfunctioning due to a direct impact from a collision, this case might not be covered by warrenty.

I am not getting the right voltage output values on pin 3 (VG), so my conclusion is that the MAF sensor needs to be replaced.