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Q: 1998 Isuzu rodeo is burning oil on 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

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I noticed that my Isuzu is burning oil. This is only an assumption because every time that i check the dipstick there is less oil there. I don't smell oil coming from the exhaust and there is no smoke when the car is running. I thought it could just be a leak somewhere so i checked but i see no leaks. My parking stall is clean with no oil stains. Where does my oil go and whats the most likely thing that's causing it?
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try adding a lucas oil additive and see if that slows consumption. as stated b4 they do use oil and short of r/b u may have to live with that problem.
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Most likely the oil is getting by stuck or worn piston rings. I have seen this several times on Honda and Isuzu V6 engines. You did not say what engine you have so I assume its the V6. I would also assume its well past 100K miles. Might try a oil made for high mileage engine but don't exspect it stop burning oil. Do keep it to the correct viscosity. Some folks think if they use 10w40 it will burn less only makes it worse.
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