Q: 1986 Ford Tempo leaking transmission fluid behind radiator. on 1990 Ford Tempo

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Do you suggest tracing the leak or just use BLUEDEVIL transmission sealer? Just pours out when running and drips when off. Transmission not going in 1st smoothly but 2nd/3rd fine.
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Probably a transmission cooler line. Sealer will not work, just wasting money. Find the leak and replace it, for proper fix.
I have tried to find leak but not successful I am a single woman and do my own repairs if I can. I am homeless and not working FT since school is out so need to make due. Just tried to see if line available and guess what not!!! Where can I locate this line to replace? Need to get a diagram of where the tranny line is located on 1986 Ford Tempo anyone know where to go to locate this. I see the leak but don't know where it leads to. HELP PLEASE!!!

Thank you
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