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Owners' Reviews

2003 Dodge Dakota Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Dodge Dakota
5 Reviews
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Overall Score (5 reviews)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
2003 Dodge Dakota Owner Reviews (5 reviews)
  • 2003 Dodge Dakota
    Visitor, Peoria, AZ, October 19, 2013 00:17
    I bought my Dakota from a Dodge dealership in 2004 with 30,000 miles on it. All maintenance has been done by the selling dealership, and for having 160,000 miles now, maintenance requirements have bee acceptable with two exceptions. I have an extended cab SXT in 2WD with the 3.9 V-6 engine. Unlike my previous 1997 Dakota, which had the exact same engine and displacement, same transmission and differential, this truck has had poor engine performance. No bottom, mid-range, or top end through all gears, and just downright sluggish. But even worse than that is the water pump. I've just recently been told the 4th water pump that's been in the truck is now going out. Aside from the original water pump that went 70k, I've averaged from 13-31,000 between water pumps!! And its unfortunate, since I have liked the look of the Dakota, the handling, and the mid-size.
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  • 2003 Dodge Dakota
    Visitor, Woodland, WA, September 05, 2013 17:49
    I have had my Dakota tor 2 years and other than the brakes I have had no trouble. This vehicle has well over 100,000 miles and runs great. This is a quad cab with no issues and is m favorite vehicle to drive. In my driving life I have owned several of all brands of pickup trucks including some Dodges and find then a reliable vehicle with the exception of the brakes and this has been an issue with Chrysler since the late 1960's that I am aware of.
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  • 2003 Dodge Dakota
    colincliff2, Gig Harbor, WA, January 01, 2010 20:33
    Had this truck for 3 years now. Very well maintained since new. Had no issues until just recently, at only 88k miles, the head gasket blew. After fixing, I decided to sell & buy a Toyota.
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  • 2003 Dodge Dakota
    twhalen81, Kent, WA, October 25, 2009 11:12
    Good vehicle that does almost everything a full size truck can do but still fits in a standard two car garage. I have towed filled trailers across the Rockies during the hottest part of the summer with ease, but it is still my daily driver. The rear differential of this vehicle (at least in the 2003 model year) has a flaw that will go unnoticed until you are broken on the side of the highway, unless you change your own differential fluids. When I did this at 30K miles I noticed large metal shavings and took it in to the dealer. It was covered under warranty, but if I didn't do my own minor repair work, this would have gone unnoticed until the rear differential self destructed.
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  • 2003 Dodge Dakota
    ROK1987, Glenn Dale, MD, February 07, 2009 10:30
    2003 Dakota Sport Plus Quad cab, 4x4, 4.7L V8, I had very few isses with this truck and have 115K miles on it.
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