2004 Dodge Dakota Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Dodge Dakota

2004 Dodge Dakota Problems

Exhaust Manifold Bolts May Break

3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8
Exhaust manifold bolts commonly break, exhaust manifold gaskets should be replaced and replace bolts as needed.

Cam Sensor Failure Causing no Start or Stalling

On 3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8 engines the camshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to crank but not start or it can cause intermittent stalling. A failed camshaft position sensor will require replacement.

Water Leak Due to HVAC Case Not Sealed at Bulkhead

If the HVAC (heater) housing is not properly sealed at the bulkhead (firewall), water can leak into the passenger compartment. Foam sealant should be used to seal any gaps and the evaporator drain tube can be modified to prevent further water entry.

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2004 Dodge Dakota Questions

Just had plugs replaced. For rough idle, still have rough idle. Why. Mech. Says plug wires still good?. (1 answer)

Truck runs great. But idle is really rough when I start it first thing in morning rpm's never go above 7000 and when warm stays at 7000, when driving, everytime at an idle it's rough. I have the magnum v6 3.7 liter. Really bugged. Is my truck self timed or do I need to have mech time. Don...

I have no fan at all. (1 answer)

Was working on and off. Now nothing on any fan settings. Is that still the resistor? Or something much bigger?

Had it started in driveway and it stalled now it wont start no crank lights work (1 answer)

I started the truck in driveway and then it stalled, now It won't start. I changed battery, it has no crank , lights work.

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2004 Dodge Dakota Recalls

Chrysler Recalls 2002-2004 Dodge Models Because the Windshield Wipers May Stop Working

Chrysler is recalling certain 2002-2004 Dodge Dakota and 2002-2003 Dodge Durango models because the front windshield wipers may stop working. This is a result of corrosion in the wiper motor due to water intrusion. Failure of the windshield wiper may result in reduced visibility, increasing the chance of a crash. Dealers will replace the front windshield wiper module to correct this concern.

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2004 Dodge Dakota Reviews

Currently have 114,500 miles with minimal problems. Recently had to replace upper ball joints, tie rod ends and both front wheel bearing assemblies plus the fan motor resistor with its electrical harness. Only one re-occouring problem .. the Crank and Cam sensors go out during extreme cold weather in Minnesota each of last 3 years. Also have the same problem as many others with the ticking no...
I have a 2004 dodge dakota crew cab 4.7 v-8 automatic. My problem is seat belt driver side jammed worked off and on then froze up. Dealer mechanic explained to me before changing or disconnecting the air bag connection on the retractor to be sure to disconnect the battery.I did but air bag light stays on. Seat belt light goes off when I put seat belt on,but air bag light goes off then comes b...
Best vehicle I have ever owned. 200,000 miles plus and never have had a problem...except heater fan (high speed stopped working)still going strong!

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