Q: Xenon Head Light Bulbs on 2003 BMW Z4

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The left low beam head light burned out. A mechanic says it a xenon bulb and will cost $200 for the replacement bulb alone and probably another $100 for the work. Anyone have experience with the xenon bulbs, cost of replacement, suggestions for having it done?
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Try switching the left & rt. bulbs.......most of the time is is not the bulb, its the controller or a bad connection. Don't touch the bulb with you fingers, use a glove. (no grease or oil) Good luck
As it turned out, the bulb was not xenon. Apparently part of that model year has them, and part of the year's do not. Fortunately, my car did not. So the cost was about $18 to replace
the halogen? bulb. It cost an additional $52 for labor....Maybe not so easy to get to?
Thank you for the insight about the xenon bulbs. That information is bound to be a help
to someone shocked by how expensive they are.