Q: won't stay running after going hiway speeds on 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

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This car starts everytime and will run hiway speeds fine but when I get to a stop sign it dies, if I have been at hiway speed. It will restart immediately but when I put it in drive to go again it dies. It stays running fine if I am going slow like in town driving speeds. Never dies at stop signs then. After it has sat for a hour or so it will finally go when put in gear but will die again after driving short time at hiway speed.
(1) Answer
This sounds like you may have a transmission converter clutch solenoid sticking in the on position all the time. This causes the converter clutch to stay engaged when the car gets hots usually after driving at highway speeds for awhile. You may have to have a new solenoid installed. Probably need to have someone at a reputable shop look into this. Good Luck