Q: wont start but all electrical works on 1997 Nissan Quest

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i came home from work turned off van locked doors came out later to take my kids to the lake unlocked door with key tryed to start van all lights radio and windows work but van wont start doesnt make a sound except for the fuel pump kicking in
(1) Answer
You may have a problem in the starter circuit. It could be that the ignition switch is failing, the starter relay is failing or the starter itself is failing.
Get it checked by a Nissan specialist.
If you're going to check it yourself, check that you have battery voltage at the big starter cable, and battery voltage at the smaller START wire at the starter when your assistant turns the key to START. If so, and the starter doesn't run, then it's faulty. If there isn't power on the START wire when the key is turned to START, then the control part of the circuit is faulty.
If you want to find a Nissan specialist, here's our directory link for you: