Q: won't start after timing chain replaced on a running car!!!! on 2003 Kia Sorento

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Replaced timing belt on a running 03 Kia sorento 3.5 for preventative maintanence. Double checked the timing marks and everything is set as it is supposed to. Tries to start but won't quite make it. Checked compression #4 180, #5 130 #6 130 #1 180 #2 & #3 I didn't check, at this point didn't want to pull off the trottle body. Has spark and is firing about 20 degrees BTC. One thing I noticed is that the passenger bank intake and exhaust cams both jumped about 40 degrees when the tensioner was removed during dismantle. Any thoughts???
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Kia as a car manufacturer put a lot of great technical information and work shop manuals on line for free for Kia owners.
All the 3.5 Liter engines are interference fit engines damage occurs if the 4 cams and crank are not exactly lined up. Your compression figures are uneven. Check cam timing and recheck compression figures.
Thanks Patrick, the 20 degree issue bothered me so went back in and checked, yeah, the crankshaft sprocket was off a cog. fixed that, still wont start. left it yesterday, todays another day. At this point I'm suspecting the sensing blade may have dropped off the back of the sprocket as the position does not match the pictures. The sprocket also seems to hang out off the crankshaft a little so thats todays project. Compression issue I think is just gas wash down the cylinder wall. Thanks for the web site and your reply. Glad there still nice helpful people out there. I'll let you know the outcome. Denny still living in "Kia Purgatory"

After checking out the sprocket, the sensing blade had come off the back of the sprocket. The source of the no start condition. Evidently, when removing the dampner, the sprocket stayed attached (rust) and pulled the blade and retainer off. So, check out the sensing blade when you do a timing belt.

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