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Q: wont start on 1994 Hyundai Elantra

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my car cut out while driving and wont start back up. Theres no check engine light illuminating and all the fuses, sparkplugs and battery seem to be in good condition. I've considered replacing the starter solenoid and drive pinion gear or ring gear, but would like to get some alternative options or recomendations before I go and replace parts that don't need replacing. What are your thoughts on why my car wont kick over to run when the key is turned to the run position in the ignition? I will add that the car acts like it wants to start but will not rotate over long enough to keep the car running.
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From what you are describing the problem with your 1994 hyundai Elantra may be the starter drive. If the starter is engaging the flywheel and turning the engine over for a short time and then disengaging the flywheel but continuing to spin that would indicate a faulty starter drive. I cannot tell from your description if this is what is happening or not. Generally the starter motor is replaced as a complete assembly, including the starter drive.
Our daughters 88 Hyundai (don'remember model) car wouldn't start when timing belt went. Our 2000 Elantra wagon had problems with 2 very small parts that were close to the raditor. It would run fine for about 20 starts, then wouldn't start again. The last time our mechanic said not to have it towed, he just came to the house and then was able to figure it out. He came back the next day and fixed it. It's been two years now and it still starts every time. The towing seemed to get it going again, because it would start again for aprox. 20 starts. I can't remember what he called the parts.
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