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Q: Won't change gears when cold on 1997 Toyota Corolla

When the weather is cold out, I have to let my car warm up for 3-5 min before I feel it is ok to drive it. If I don't let it warm up, then it won't change gears. It's an automatic so I don't know what gear it's not changing to, but when I get up to around 35-40 mph I can tell that it hasn't changed! It doesn't do this during the Summer time, only in the Winter. What can I do besides letting it warm up for several minutes?
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I am having the same problem with a 95 Corolla with 172K plus miles. I read that changing the transmission fluid might help, so I did, but it didn't.
You may have a shift solenoid or a throttle position sensor going out on you! Have the codes checked and go from there.
I've noticed the same thing. Takes about a mile or so for it to shift into that last gear. RPM's are high and it feels wrong to push it. I've been told that it's normal to protectthe high ratio transmission's final gear until it's properly heated. Good luck!
Research repair manual or call parts dealer to see if you have a transmission fluid temperature sensor. If so, and it's only two or three minutes before it changes normally,i suspect normal operation. My 95 Camry does this in winter time, as well as my 94 saturn. They both prevent the overdrive (lock up torque coverter) from engaging until a specified temperature of the fluid is achieved and sent to the computer. If your not getting a lower gear (2nd) then i suspect a sticky solenoid valve or ??. You could confirm what gear you achieved by manually selecting a lower gear and see if you hear any difference in engine rpm. Just be sure not to go too fast for the gear your selecting.
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