Q: Wondering if the noise while driving is normal, or not. on 2007 BMW 530xi

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Just bought the 2007 530xi. I am asking if the noise I am about to describe is normal or a problem. The sound starts at about 10km and continues at all higher speeds. The only way I can describe the sound is that it is the same as listening to the tire friction sounds when a 4x4 with very large tires drives by. My tires are new, but I am quite certain it is not the tires. Sound appears to be coming from the front of the car. Is this sound normal to this car? I expected it to be much quieter.
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Sounds like you may have a wheel bearing problem this will make a hmmmmming noise while driving. You can raise the front of the car and grab wheel at top and bottom try to move it towards and away from you. If there is play in the wheel while doing this it is a sign of worn wheel bearing. retate the wheels and listen for bearing noise with tires off the ground. Or take it to a shop that offers free estimates to check it for you.