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Q: Windshield Wipers Too Loud on 2003 Volkswagen Passat

my windsheild wipers have always been very loud, even when replaced and brand new. Has anyone else had this problem and can it be solved?
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You need to determine if your "noisy wiper operation" is mechanical/motor related or wiper blade related. Spyder describes very well how to address noise related to wiper motor mechanical issues.
If the noise is wiper blade related, do the wipers clear the windscreen well, or do they "chatter" across the windscreen? I have gotten the wipers to clear best and eliminate chatter (if the wiper blades are of good quality and the wiper arms are not damaged) by operating the wipers, turn off the ignition key with the wipers in the middle of their travel on the windscreen. The wiper blade should be at 90 degrees to the windscreen when it is in the middle of its travel. If it is not use a small cresent wrench or equivalent tool to gently twist the wiper arm (near the wiper blade) so that the blade is at 90 degrees to the windscreen.
If the windshield is clean and the blades are new they should not be noisy. The angle of the blade against the glass can be checked and adjusted with a special tool. Sometimes this can cause noise or chatter.
A common cause is the wiper motor itself. The lubricant at the worm gear within the assembly dries up leading to wear/noise. The motor element of the assembly can also becoming noisy.
The noise is very loud and very mechanical in tone. If this is your noise it would be evident with the wiper arms removed and the wiper motor running.
In either case a new wiper motor is called for as the wipers could fail unexpectedly if this is not attended to.
If you do determine the wiper motor is your problem be certain the water drains under the battery are clear. Water can get into the wiper motor otherwise.......
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