Q: windshield wipers not working at all...HELP!!! on 1995 Toyota Tercel

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The windshield wipers are not working at all, please give detailed instructions on how to fix it & what could be the problem, also where the fuse,switch,etc would be located if one of them is the problem. Thanks a million, Jenny
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On many Tercels the problem is that the linkage seize up. This is the long part from the motor to the actual arm. Some people have success in greasing the pivot points back up, but it may not last long if they are seriously corroded. Were you able to identify the problem and fix it? My 94 has the same problem now.
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The fuse that supplies power the wiper motor and switch is located in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. It is a 20Amp fuse in the middle row of fuses at the bottom. Sitting in the driver seat this fuse box is located at your left foot. I have seen the wiper switch fail, (the switch feels vague and limp). If the fuse is OK. When you turn the wiper switch, do you hear any motor motion, if you hear the motor operating perhaps the linkage or wiper spindles are damaged.
No wiper motor "noise" when the wiper switch is operated ignition switch on may signify, electrical, switch or motor problem.
Check your owners manual to see if it will tell you which fuse controls the wipers and check that fuse. (The owners manual will also tell you where the fuse box is located.) If you cannot tell which fuse controls the wipers - check all the fuses. If they are all OK you will need a wiring diagriam and some basic knowledge of electrical diagnosis to check out the system and find the fault.