Q: Windshield wiper problem on 2001 BMW X5

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Occasionally when I turn on my windshield wipers, they start to move up the windshield about six inches and then stop. If I pull on them in the forward direction, they start working. Other times when I turn them on they work fine. Obviousley something has gone or is going bad. I'm generally a DIY person, if I know first how to troubleshoot the problem. Might this be the motor, a relay, or is there a circut board somewhere? The fuse is fine.
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Sounds like the motor is going bad. You may be able to check by hooking up a fused direct circuit to the motor - it will eliminate the rest of the circuit - and test the motor. It could be also tested with a lab scope and a low AMP probe, but it's not something that most DIY person has.
The motor is part of the transmission assembly and it sold as a unit. Here is some info, just in case:
Front Transmission BMW Part#: 61617111535 MSRP: $347.97
Note: Includes Front Motor.