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Q: windshield wiper fluid not coming out on 2003 Toyota RAV4

HELP! I'm going on the road tomorrow and the windshield wiper fluid isn't coming out! THe wipers work fine but the fluid won't come out front or rear. What do I do?!
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If you hear the pump try to operate and spin, the filter at the bottom of the washer bottle may be restricted or blocked, but first, lift the hood, you will see a small diameter (about the diameter of a pencil) black rubber hose going from the rear of the engine compartment to the hood. Get a friend to turn the ignition key on and operate the washers, do you see washer fluid leaking or gushing out of this hose (if so the hose may be perished, broken or I have seen rodents try to eat through the rubber hose!). Next you will see a little plastic t-junction (joining the two black plastic lines that bring water to the washer jets on the hood) pop this apart and again ask a friend to operate the washers, does water squirt out of the washer tube you have disconnected. If so the fuses, washer bottle, washer pump, and hoses are OK to that point, if not your restriction is probably in the washer bottle. If water flows from the washer hose reconnect the hose, close the hood and with a small safety pin you will see two little holes the size of a pencil dot on each washer nozzel, these holes should be clear and unrestricted. If you have waxed your car or if debris has entered the washer bottle, the washer jets may be obstructed. If it is wax that has blocked them poking the orifice with a needle in each hole may unblock the restricted orifices, if the jets are blocked internally it may be necessary to use compressed air to clear them or it may even be more time efficient to replace the jets all together. After unblocking the washer jets the safety pin is then used to focus and aim the washer jets.
The washer bottle is located under the fender and is a little more complex to get at, remove and clean. I have seen Toyota washer pumps that spin and operate but the impeller had broken making the pump fail to squirt water!
My pump works because it would spray the back window with wiper running. Front wipers work, but the fluid won't come out. I switched the hoses backwards, and now it will spray out the front when I hit the rear wiper button, but have to turn on the wipers. What could I be doing wrong. 98 ford explorer xlt. Thank you
It's very possible that you've simply run out of washer fluid. Under the hood there is a reservoir (usually with a blue cap and symbol of the washers). Your owners manual will most likely tell you how to check the level and add fluid. Some auto parts stores will help you add fluid if you ask (the fluid is very cheap for a gallon). Do you hear the pump trying to spray the fluid?
The fluid is filled right to the top and I do hear the pump trying to spray...what should I do?
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