Q: Windrows, a/c,locks not working until remove ground on battery. Lasts few days on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Windows,locks, a/c quit working after few days. Battery is new, when I disconnect negative on battery then put back, all resets and works for a few days. All motor functions are normal. On dash there is a lighted picture of a key on right side. Is this a clue to the malfunctioning component? Also noted the brake lights both right and left have melted filaments on driving light bulbs. Is something shorting the electrical system or computer? Causing the items mentioned to work for a while as a complete normal car when PC is reset, then shortly all goes weird?
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They have nothing in common with the PCM except the engaging of the A/C clutch relay. The A/C ground does not share the same ground as the driver window/lock switch as well. The only thought is maybe the engine ground and body ground connections. Otherwise it needs to be tested when fault is occurring.
Thanks. I have also heard that the proper grounding may be the problem. Possibly at the negative terminal at battery cable? Dodge looked at it yesterday wanted to replace the pc. Said it did not have any communication. I don't know if they found that info when was in it's down syndrome or if they bothered to disconnect the ground and reboot the system and analyze in both situations. Thanks for your input!
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