Q: windows on 1992 Cadillac Seville STS

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hello,my windows dont roll down do you's got any idea why?and it keeps making a poppin noise from the muffler any way i could fix it at home?
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Not sure about the exhaust noise, it would need to be inspected to get an idea as to what the problem is.
The window problem is an electrical issue, so check the fuses first, then you will need a wiring diagram, voltmeter and electrical diagnostic experience to address this. All of this can be done at home if you have the equipment, tools, and especially the knowledge to diagnose and repair these issues.
check the motor for the windows, fuses, check the button check the wires. muffler spark plug change maybe the cat lighting off gas, could be a bunch of different things you live in dallas bring it to me ill fix it real cheap
I have a 2001 Cadilla Seville. The windows are making a popping noise and the passenger front window will no longer roll up. A day later the electrical service light came on when I hit the number 2 option for the seat control. Any suggestions. I live in Dallas. Would like to speak with the gentleman that says he can fix this for cheap. Contact James @ 214-563-6393.
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