Q: window motor work, but windows off track on 1992 Ford Thunderbird

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Please help me get my car in order... this 1992 Ford thunderbird is falling apart.. the inside door lining is falling apart, the seatbelt clamp is loose, it leaks oil from front to back underneath the car, and now it won't start...

it's alot to answer, but first, how do I get the windows back on track and keep them there?

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Most likely the window regulator needs some attention, it may even be broken, but maybe not, let's hope so. You can access the regulator by removing the door panel. Then check the how the window goes up and down and see if it stay in its track properly.
Thanks for your response dandd, but the regulator works.. it goes up and down, and the screws have been changed, but the same problem exist. Are there tracks that may need to be replaced?