Q: window handle broken on 1996 Honda Civic

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I have yet to get an answer for the window handle on driverside. window handle is striped, for lack of any other term. Its obviosly a manual window Im talking about. So the glass does not go up anymore. Can it be taken apart and replaced or should i just(whatis this part called anyway) replace the whole door?
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The window operates by turning the window regulator handle or window crank handle. Tuning the crank handle either clockwise or counter clockwise does it just spin freely like the teeth are stripped in the handle? If so remove the handle. To remove the handle there is a U shaped retaining clip at the back of the handle. Make a hook out of a coat hanger that resembles a darning/ embroidery needle. pull on the base of the u shaped clip by accessing it from the door panel side of the crank handle. After removing the handle inspect the teeth. Are they stripped. If so replace the handle. With a small vise grips try tuning the exposed spindle of the window regulator. The window regulator may have failed causing the window to be difficult to open and close causing the handle teeth to strip out and fail. If the window regulator has failed the interior door trim panel has to be removed to access, inspect and or replace the window regulator/mechanism that lowers and raises the window glass.