Q: Window brackets on 2005 GMC Canyon

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how and where do I fix the window braces. On both windows the braces have broke off and now I can't roll the windows down.
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I just had mine fixed.. part for one window.. $83.. 20 minutes to fix it at repair shop..
Check for parts.
More problems to come>>
Outside mirrors.. inside switch only works in two positions..
check engine light..
left turn signal..
fan speed doesn't work on '3'
CD player rejects CD
lights on radio.. only half work..

good luck!
Oh yea. My left turn signal holder melts the plastic on the bulb so now I can't use it. When I change oil the "change oil" reminder won't reset anymore when I reset it. Engine light goes on and off and my RPM's are at half. Cleaned the Throttle Body and its still at half. My fan speed does not work on 1,2,or 3. The rubber on the driver side window buckles when rolling the window down. CD player skips when hit a bump.
This truck is pure junk. Won't buy another GMC.