Q: Will an 03 X5 3.0 engine fit a 2001 X5 with the 3.0 engine on 2001 BMW X5

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My 2001 X5 recently overheated the mechanic is saying it needs a new head and recommends the whole engine be replaced. I found a used engine from a 03 X5 wanted to know if it will fit my car before I buy it.
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Thanks. But my mechanic is saying the 03 engine doesn't show up in his software to fit my car. Where can find what the exact differences are etween the two?
Could you post the last 7 digit of the VIN?

Up to 9/2002 (which is a 2003 model year) the engine's part # is: 11 00 7 505 189
from 9/2002 is 11 00 0 303 875
If you can give me the last 7 digit of the VIN of your car and the donor car I can check in the OE part catalogue if you can use the '03 engine. It will be based on the exact manufacturing date.