Q: Will a unhooked coolant level sensor fail a smog test on vehicle? on 2000 Buick Regal

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I had a leak in my radiator and so I replaced my radiator with new one and new coolant,2 days later water pump went bad and so drained coolant and replaced h20 pump and had coolant level sensor light on after h20 pump replacement so I drained radiator again and replaced sensor and new coolant again and still had light on for coolant level so after that I just unhooked the sensor as I wasn't going to drain it for a fourth time. I need to get it smog test in July at a star only station and want to know if it'll fail for being unhooked?
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this will not cause your car to fail smog. as long as the check engine light is off. we have had a big problem with these sensors even from general motors, usually install a paperclip in the connector of the sensor and the light will shut off, it will be like a older car with no coolant level sensor but atleast the light will be off. thats only if the light is still on, if the light is off then no worries. if the light is on and you do the paperclip make sure you put a good amount of electrical tape so it doesnt touch andything else.