Q: Why is this Toyota stalling? on 1994 Toyota Camry

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We purchased this car used from a neighbor. He indicated there was a problem, but they assumed it was the Throttle Position Sensor, which he indicated was an inexpensive part to replace. Since then, this car has been towed home on at least 4 occasions, it has stalled out at intersections--the RPMS just drop off and it stops idling. We have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, coil, distributor, plugs, wires, crank position sensor--and it still stalls. The auto mechanic hooked the car to the computer and it and nothing appears to be malfunctioning. Then we get it home and it stalls again. This car is like a money pit--we thought it would be reliable for our daughter and it spends more time at the repair shop than on the road! I don't even want to insure it anymore because we rarely get to drive it. Last month it was at the shop for 6 weeks.
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Did your mechanic check the ignition coil under the distributor cap? It may be cracked. Another thought would be the engine coolant temperature sensor. Both would cause the car to stall out.
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