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Q: Why is my Camry burning coolant? on 1991 Toyota Camry

The first day I bought this car, I drove it from Jasper, Tn, to Chattanooga, Tn. I noticed the temperature gauge going way up, the car had over-heated. I immediatly turned it off and opened the hood, the hose going into the over-flow was steaming pretty bad. I then took off the radiator cap (very slowly) and there wasnt any anti-freeze in it. So added some, later come to find out I had a bad hose leak. So I replaced all the hoses, thermostat, and the car seemed to hold antifreeze. But, then I noticed a day or two later the temperature gauge going up again. I checked the antifreeze level and it was low again. I took it to a mechanic shop and he couldnt find that it was leaking. He suggested that it was probably burning it and that it was the head gasket leaking. But I dont have any smoke coming out, or any milky antifreeze or oil. So I took his advice and bought some stuff called "true blue" head gasket sealer. Well, it didnt work. It clogged my thermostat and the car over heated again. Took out the termostat, but the car is still losing antifreeze. I have no idea whats going on, someone please help me! Worst cooling system problem I have ever had.
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I agree with Harry. Likely to be a blown head gasket. Look for the presence of Carbon Monoxide in the cooling system (by product of engine combustion and should not normally be in the cooling system).
1st Check to see if there are exhaust gases in your cooling system. ( )

If the test is positive, you will need to replaced your cylinder head gasket.

2. Check your radiator cap, chances are that is no longer holding the cooling system pressure and it is letting your antifreeze evaporate into the atmosphere.

All this can be tested by a well equipped shop for a minor fee.


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