Q: why does my accelerator cable not retract when i let off the pedal? on 1994 Toyota Corolla

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revs very high and have to manually ajust the throttle by hand to lower my rpms. it revs the highest in park and reverse
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Based on the year of the vehicle you may have carbon build up in the throttle body causing this problem. If it is the cable as you say or the carbon build up as I say it should happen all the time. If you know how to remove the air cleaner from the throttle body go ahead and do so then look inside at the plate while you move the part that the gas pedal cable is attached to. This is done with the car off. If it is the cable as you say it may have worn through the plastic and is hanging up on it or there may be a problem where the cable goes into the plastic sleeve either at the gas pedal or at the throttle body. Also check to be sure the gas pedal pivot isnt causing your problem it may just need to be lubricated.
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