Q: why does engine make a loud tapping or raddling sound when accelerating on 1998 Isuzu Amigo

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while driving my engine started making a loud tapping noise ( I would say knocking but I know what a rod knock sounds like and it wasn't that ). when I went to parkit , it started running really ruff. checked tining belt and it was missing a few teeth so I replaced it but still made the raddling noise when accelerating and ran a lil rough untill warmed up. checked for collapsed lifer and the all seemed ok. did compression test and one cylinder had no compression other one had low compression and other two were fine. so took off head had it resurface because was told there was an area that was rough or something. I believe it leeked oil out of that area. checked valves to see if they needed seeding but seemed ok, and now in the process of putting back together. could a blown head gasket havemade the rattling or tapping noise. . thanks for any info u may be able to give
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