Q: Why did my engine blow all my oil out the exhaust but no oil light came on? on 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

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I had an engine light come on and the car sputtered and clanked so the next day I added "Heet" to remove moisture I thought was a problem. The next day it sputtered and clanked louder and then the engine started cutting off. My local garage told me it was an engine problem & checked the oil, NONE REGISTERED. He added 3 quarts before it would register on the stick. It only has 71k miles on the vehicle. Had it taken to the local Chevy dealer but they seem to want to blame it on bad gas, oil was not changed with them (have records where the oil was changed every 3 to 5 k miles. Will not the warranty cover this. My wife is the only driver and at 45 years she does nothing over the speed limit. No oil light or any message came on about low oil pressure.
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Wow , what a mess , they should cover engine , has nothing to do with gas , tellem
Your not paying the loan and have a meeting..