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Q: Why are my front tires wearing out so much more quickly than the rear? on 2008 Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC

Here are the tire specs: Continental ContiProContact (Grand Touring All-Season)
Size: 245/40R18
LRR: Low Rolling Resistance
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
Serv. Desc: 93V
UTQG: 400 AA A

I check and adjust the tire pressure monthly as needed to factory specifications 31 psi front, 35 psi rear. New tires bought at 42,710 miles, (3rd set, I believe, as car was pre-owned). Car now has about 54,250 miles on it and front tires look like they will be down to tread wear indicators in about 6 months. No leaks from front thrust link bushings. Could be a couple of bent rims or alignment issue? Tread wear appears to be even.
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alignment could be an issue, but as well the car maker suggests the required air pressure that they think makes the car perform at its best. i have 11 years in the tire business and i have found that running even pressure all the way around in this case on your car may actually improve mileage a great deal. try running 35psi all round.
Thanks. I talked to an independent (not affiliated with a Mercedes-Benz dealership) mechanic about this today and he suggested maintaining even tire pressures. It's hard to believe that could make such a difference, but he also said that the ContiProContact tires are soft and wear quickly. This will be the second time I will have to replace tires in about one year. I won't buy the ContiProContacts again.

Update: Continental made a 75% adjustment on the two front tires (requiring that I replace them with the same brand and model). I had the wheels aligned and am inflating all to 35 psi. The ride is smoother and quieter.
My experience tells me its more than just tire pressure. There appears to be major suspension issues with the E350 07 and 08 that MBZ won't admit to. I had uneven wear on the inside edges of the front tires, flat spots every 2 inches or so around the entire tire. (The middle and outside edge of tire had at least another 25K left, not close to nearing the wear bars). Road noise was unbearable. Our car was/is a CPO with less than 36k when this happened. Get this; the dealer claimed it was a "ride height" issue and installed "spacers". They literally altered the suspension of $55K car by putting in these BS half inch plastic spacer on the struts, just like you'd alter a rice burner Honda or Toyota that these kids race around in... ok, fine. So we went with it. Intalled 2 new front tires at nearly $500. Now at 47K same issue; the tires have started to feather and is starting to make road noise. BTW: I have a commercial grade tire pressure gauge and checked the pressure at least once a month. I inquired about a recall. But the dealer advised, "its not a significant problem"... I disagree! Anyone else out there with similar issues? Love to hear from you.
I have a GLK450 - 2008 and have gone through 5 sets of tires. I just replaced a set and was told to get the tires rotated every 5,000 miles and I still would need tires between 10 and 15 thousand miles. The dealer said that is just what Mercedes do. Wear out tires.
Yes I have a 2008 E350 Mercedes Benz tire size 245/40R I have been through 4 SETS of tires on the front of the car. All wear on the inside of the tire with so much tread left on the outer tire, the noise is unbearable it hums to the point I get a headache just thinking about it.I bought this car new now it has 75k on it has to be something wrong it should be a recall on the it. Today I purchased another set of tires and got an alignment I've just about had it.
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