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Q: Whining Noise When Starting the Car on a Cold Day on 2004 Honda Accord

When I start the car in the morning during winter months and take out of the garage there is a whining noise. The noise increases specially when I turn the steering wheel. The noise appears to come from the belt system near the power steering fluid container. The noise continues for 15 to 20 minutes till the engine gets really warm. The noise started only a year back. Is this due to belts slippage or something to do with the power steering hydraulic system? By the tome I go to my Honda dealer, the engine warms up and the noise vanishes. The dealer is unable to locate the cause.
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I came across this site and article after I Googled this problem. I took the article to my favorite mechanic at Japanese Auto Clinic in Arlington off of Lee Highway. Mr. Lim knew the answer before I even finish explaing the problem. He said is was a faulty O-Ring on the power steering pump, and it was letting in air. This is what was causing the noise. They fix the problem, and it has run great, especially when I start the car up on cold mornings.
I know this thread is old but I'm desperate. This same prob began with my 2006 Honda Accord V6 EX. I have had the car in the shop 4 times now and my guy is usually awesome but he cannot fix this. He changed the o ring and most recently a p/s hose. I had a few other issued including a frozen caliper but I am now over $1000 in repairs and will have to bring it back a fifth time as it is STILL making the loud noise in the AM and when engine is cold only. PLEASE HELP!!
I have that same problem with my Honda!! I got a power steering flush today so we will see what happens tomorrow morning!!
I am having the same problem with my 2004 honda- did the power streering flush solve the problem?
We are haveing the same problem with our 2004 Honda Accord in the am. and pm. . However we took the car to the shop and by that time it had stop and they couldnt find and leakage or any noise.
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I am sure they checked for correct fan belt tension and good overall belt condition. Is the correct fluid in the power steering system. Honda and Acura use their own proprietary power steering fluid. Its cheap, perhaps the system should be flushed out and refilled with genuine Honda P/steering fluid.
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