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Q: Which came first, Coolant loss or leaking water pump? on 2007 GMC Acadia

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I puchased my 2007 GMC Acadia as a second vehicle from a local dealer in October 2010.
When I first test drove it, it made a crazy whinning sound that the dealer said was due to low power steering fluid. They added that and the vehicle seemed to run well and the noise had stopped.
I purchased the vehicle and promptly stored it in the garage. I didn't notice any leaks.
Around mid January I started to drive the vehicle around town and noticed that the engine seemed to take a long time to cool down. The gage didn't go past the midline, so I didn't give it further thought.
Around February, I did notice that coolant had started to spill out from under the vehicle, so I bought some as the reservior was at the lowest point.
It leaked out and again the reservior was at the lowest point. I stopped driving the vehicle until I could take it to a repair shop.
My husband has Alzheimers and as you will see,,I know very little about vehicles....although I'm getting a very fast expensive education.
Today, my wonderful and trustworthy mechanic found that I had put in the wrong Coolant,,,I put in the green one,,,should have been the orange one.
He's doing a radiator flush and putting in the correct coolant.
However, he says that the water pump is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Checking a second storage spot,,I do see that there are water marks as well as spilled coolant.

This is my question,,,are the two repairs unrelated or was the leaking water pump causing the coolant to be used up quickly?

How long should a water pump last before it needs replacing? My vehicle has 67,000 miles which are mostly highway as it was purchased locally in West Texas.

Thank you for reading this post and any help or comments.

Yes,,,,in the future I am taking my mechanic to test drive any vehicles I'm considering purchasing and also,,buying all my supplies at his shop. Yipes!!!
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On any purchase as expensive as a car get it checked out by a professional experienced in that make of vehicle. Anything found faulty on the pre-purchase inspection can become a negotiation point in the price.
The coolant loss is due to your water pump leaking and as the coolant gets low the temperature will rise. GM products do use a coolant they cal Dexcool, most aftermarket generic antifreeze's are green.
Its best to have the same coolant (all compatible) antifreeze. Its all going to be drained out any way to replace the water pump.
Hello, Thank you for your response. Yes,,,that's it,,,Dexcool. The orange Dexcool and the green coolant leaked out pink,,,which why I was confused as to what was leaking.

Is it really a bad mix that needs replacing or is it just better for the vehicle to have one coolant at a time?
There is an gmc Acadia recall on coolant leaking as of nov1-2013 good luck getting them to fix it right though! I am arguing with my gmc dealer now about it!:)
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